AIC Reflection on Recruitment: Welcoming Change to Promote Vital Rejuvenation in our Groups

Training Reflection on Recruitment – Topic 1: Welcoming Change to Promote Vital Rejuvenation in our Groups

“We have not just been called to serve the poor but to ensure that others serve them.” (Saint Vincent)

For over 400 years now, AIC volunteers have been following in St. Vincent’s footsteps to support the most disadvantaged people. If we are to continue the mission that he has entrusted to us, it is essential to find new members who can strengthen our groups, keep our association moving forward and ensure we are equipped to deal with new forms of poverty in the 21st century.

In many groups and associations across the AIC network, the need to address this challenge is becoming increasingly clear. That’s why we have decided to begin a new series of training reflections on the topic of Recruiting Volunteers.

In order to attract new volunteers to our association, we need to open ourselves up to the idea that change is good, that it is an opportunity. Our first reflection, for the months of May and June, deals precisely with this topic of Openness to Change (the next topic will be sent to you in July).

We hope this material will be useful in promoting and supporting this vital reflection within your groups, and in helping you to welcome new members and all they have the potential to contribute with open arms.

May St. Vincent continue to accompany you always,

Maru and Alicia
(Alicia Duhne and María Eugenia Magallanes Negrete | AIC International Secretariat)

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2 thoughts on “AIC Reflection on Recruitment: Welcoming Change to Promote Vital Rejuvenation in our Groups

  1. In order for any of your material to be useful to me, it must be in my hands by the end of the previous month. Our association meets the first Tuesday of the month.

    1. Reply from Mary Ann Dantuono, AIC Representative: These reflections are sent to us monthly/bimonthly from AIC-International. They are not time sensitive. Associations are encouraged to use them for the formation/education of their groups as they see fit.

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