Mission Market: A Perfect Fit for Kansas City LOC’s Goals

Based on an article that first appeared on the website of the Ladies of Charity of Kansas City

Looking for a way to provide genuine assistance to people living in poverty? Try Mission Market– a simple way to reach out to a global community and help provide systemic change through collaboration.

As partners of the Vincentian Family, the Mission Market allows Ladies of Charity to share in the Daughters of Charity work in developing countries where the Daughters operate “skill centers.” Through the Daughters of Charity International Project Services, funds and resources are provided for needed materials to produce a wide assortment of unique and beautiful items. The goal is to expand outlets for these products so that “persons who live in poverty may learn productive skills and build businesses to support their families and communities.”

HOW ARE THE ITEMS ACQUIRED AND SOLD? Through an online market, retail centers such as hospital and nursing home gift shops, boutiques and thrift stores, and other fundraising endeavors [such as LOC Associations!] that purchase these items for resale.

The Mission Market e-commerce website provides a wholesale inventory of products such as jewelry handbags and clothing. These items are beautifully handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Incoming Kansas City Ladies of Charity president Donna Montague became involved with the Mission Market project because of her position on the LCUSA (Ladies of Charity USA) Board of Directors. She said, “I liked that it was a way to help women living in poverty to learn skills to create marketable products through Free Trade to the USA and other countries that enable them to make a living wage.” The Daughters of Charity approached LCUSA for help in finding a market for these products in the United States and the Daughters also provided a grant to help the LCUSA establish the Mission Market project.

HOW CAN YOU AS A LADY OF CHARITY HELP? The Mission Market products can only be sold to companies or associations that have established a 501 (c) (3) tax qualification. You can assist by providing recommendations for this type of outlet. Please forward this information to Natalie Newton, Deputy Director of Mission Market, located at Seton Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Click to email Natalie
The Mission Market website is: www.lcusamissionmarket.com

Mission Market National Headquarters, 2816 E. 23rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64127
Phone: 816-832-6300

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