Seton Center: Sharing Christ’s Abundant Love With Those in Need

In an article in the Catholic Key, the newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City, Marty Denzer, Associate Editor writes:

“Virginia Coppinger, a Lady of Charity, said she has volunteered at Seton Center for nearly 40 years. “My mother was a Lady of Charity and I followed in her footsteps,” she said. “In the weeks before the event, we interviewed families with children under the age of 16, asking them ‘what would your child like as a gift for Christmas?’” Soliciting donations, sorting and organizing the Christmas Store involves hundreds of volunteer hours, but the smiles the volunteers receive make it well worth the time. “The unwrapped gifts are placed in red bags, and parents can ‘shop’ for wrapping paper and bows at the Christmas Store.” Coppinger said Seton Center really is a one stop shop for those in need at Christmas. “Their faces light up when they realize there really will be something for Christmas for their children!” she said.

She recalled a young man in the coat line, who wanted a jacket. Coppinger’s husband Tom was volunteering at that station, and he dug deep in the piles of coats and jackets and found a Chief’s jacket. “The young man’s face just glowed, he was so thrilled! Then he heard an older man standing right behind him say, ‘You are so lucky! My grandson would love a jacket like that!’ The young man immediately took off the jacket and handed it to the older man, saying, ‘Here. You need it more than I do.’ He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. People are good,” Coppinger said. And yes, Tom Coppinger found him another jacket.”

Read the full article, here.

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