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Mission Market is a project that LCUSA fostered to provide a platform for people in developing countries to market and sell their products in the United States and other countries. The desire is to empower enterprising people from around the world to become self-sufficient in business. The plan is to create a viable online market for unique goods handmade by men and women in developing countries where the Daughters of Charity have skill centers. Many products made by artisans in the Daughters of Charity skill centers can be sold through this platform. Retail gift shops such as Ascension Healthcare gift shops, other hospital gift shops, long-term care facilities’ gift shops, boutiques, thrift shops, special event planners, as well as other businesses, will log on to the online platform and purchase handcrafted artisanal products at affordable prices for resale.

Organizations having a sales tax ID or tax exemption are encouraged to apply.

To learn more about Mission Market, and how you can Make Your Mark, contact:

Natalie Newton, Deputy Director

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