Induction at LOC of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, North Beach, MD

On April 21, 2018, 10 Ladies of Charity were inducted into our chapter at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in North Beach, Maryland. The induction was conducted during a Mass officiated by Father James Stack, the Pastor of St. Anthony’s. The names of the new members are: Allene Chriest, Natalie Hnatiw, Barbara Hoff, Melissa Knott, Dolores Marinaccio, Maureen McCarthy, Michelle Pierpont, Karen Remington, Jeannemarie Smiroldo, and Debbie Wheeler. With the induction of this group, our chapter membership stands at 96. This is the largest induction group we have ever had! Several of the new members belong to other Parishes in Calvert County. The new members had already been very active in our Food Pantry and Heartfelt ministries. Welcome new Ladies!

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