AIC Training on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling – Reflection 2

Dear friends the AIC volunteers,

We hope this message finds you well [in] this Vincentian month.

It is our pleasure to send you attached the second training reflection, which will allow you to take a deeper look at the topic of “Migrant Trafficking”.

This document highlights that migration and displacement have been a constant in the history of humanity and that in St Vincent’s time, in the 17th century, France witnessed a massive exodus from the countryside to the city of Paris, where many people had to beg to survive.

Wishing that the Lord continues to guide you in your work, we send you our kindest regards,

Alicia and Maru
(Alicia Duhne and María Eugenia Magallanes Negrete)

AIC-Training Reflection-2-Migrant Trafficking-September 2018

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