Act Now: Protect Dreamers, End Separation of Families

The House of Representatives is poised to bring immigration legislation to the floor.

Please act now to encourage your legislators to protect the dreamers and end the practice of separation of families.


Speaker Ryan has stated he will bring immigration legislation to the floor next week. We do not know specifically what is coming to the floor. But, please call your Congressional representative to ask him/her to “Please pass the Dream Act.” (HR 3440) or the USA Act. (HR 4796) There is a possibility of the introduction of additional proposals. Go to for up to date information. 

Family Separation

The second issue is the separation of children from their parent seeking Asylum at the US borders. Attached below is a fact sheet prepared by the USCCB to help understand this concern. Please tell your representative that you are “strongly opposed” to this practice.

Call the House switchboard (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak with your representative now!


Congress must pass bipartisan legislation that would provide urgently needed relief for Dreamers. As negotiations towards such a solution continue, we request that you work towards a narrow solution that has the following elements:

  • Provides a Path to Citizenship. Dreamers know America as their only home and should not be denied the opportunity to obtain U.S. citizenship and participate fully in civic life;
  • Recognizes the Sanctity of Families. Family immigration is the foundation of our country and of our Church, and we ask you to reject legislation that threatens family-based immigration; and
  • Maintain Protections for Unaccompanied Children and Asylum Seekers. A solution for Dreamers cannot be at the expense of other immigrant children and those fleeing persecution.

As you work to find a solution we urge you to not sacrifice families and family unity and to stop the practice of separating families who apply for asylum at our borders.

One thought on “Act Now: Protect Dreamers, End Separation of Families

  1. It is important that we use this issue as a topic as a group. The policy of family separation can be changed immediately by the President of the United States. Congress does need to make sure that no President Democratic or Republican can issue a policy to have this harsh treatment of individuals who come to our country for assistance. The Daughters of Charity have been at the border helping these people. our voices together and help will make the vision of St Vincent and Louise continue in the 21st Century.

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