LCUSA 400th Anniversary Video Documentary

As part of our communications plan for the 400th Anniversary Jubilee Year, the Ladies of Charity USA has produced a five-part video documentary, in partnership with Ladies of Charity Associations from across the USA. Filmed and edited by Joan Ball and Martin Dominguez Ball, this project was made possible by generous donors who covered travel and other costs.

You may have already seen the first installment of the series, Ladies of Charity: Acting Against Poverty With a Vincentian Heart. It was released first and has appeared on the video page of our special website dedicated to the 400th anniversary.

At the 2017 National Assembly, parts 2 through 5 were premiered: Ladies of Charity: Serving With a Vincentian Heart, Ladies of Charity: Serving With Vincentian Creativity, Ladies of Charity: Stories of Hope, and Ladies of Charity: Next Generation.

All the videos are available below, and also on our Video page. We will be featuring them on Facebook and on Famvin News. Some shorter video clips of the different interviews are also available on this YouTube Channel (click to view).

We encourage LOC Associations to reflect on these videos at meetings and also to use them as a means of promotion locally, for example if there are interviews on Diocesan TV for the 400th Anniversary.

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