Ladies of Charity Donating to Relief From Hurricane Harvey

As we all know, Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Texas Gulf coast and parts of the Louisiana coast, as well. Many people are asking what they can do as a Ladies of Charity Associations to help. We’ve all seen the news and know that millions of people have lost not only their homes but everything in them. We will be taking up a collection at the Assembly for the victims. Individual checks may be made out to LCUSA, memo: Hurricane Harvey disaster.

There are five Associations in Texas but none in the Houston or Gulf Coast Area. We will see to it that the money is distributed where needed (no funds withheld).

If you are not attending the National Assembly next week, please send your check to:

LCUSA National Service Center
2816 E 23rd St.
Kansas City, MO 64127

If any questions please contact the LCUSA office:
Phone: 816-260-3853

3 thoughts on “Ladies of Charity Donating to Relief From Hurricane Harvey

  1. I will share this information with friends who will support the Ladies of Charity efforts to assist Hurricane Harvey Victims.

  2. I’ll send a donation today. Thank God for the Ladies of Charity, and that I can be assured that all of our money will go directly to the needy victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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