Holy Ghost LOC Share Summer Camp with Sightless

Ladies of Charity from the Holy Ghost Association, Archdiocese of Washington, visited blind adult campers at the Lion’s Camp Merrick, Nanjemoy MD. The association over the last few years has sponsored some of the campers. This year they are celebrating 30 years of enjoying a summer break in southern Maryland. How enjoyable it was to witness the campers play ‘Beep Ball’. The ball has a bell inside so it can be heard when hit; then another sound goes off that leads the blind batter to the base. What enthusiasm is shown in their faces as they score a run. Another activity enjoyed after lunch is the pool where aerobics are held as they hand-in-hand glide across the water. Many staffers volunteer their time to be guides for these remarkable & capable adults. With a talent show scheduled, some campers practice their musical talents. Their leader is an 87-year-old lady who has been part of this activity since 1988. How rewarding to share a day with those who exemplify trust as they lean on another for providing them the opportunity to be themselves in a world of darkness!

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