Advocacy for Affordable Health Care Coverage for All

Last week the Senate unveiled their latest version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) health care bill. LCUSA along with other national organizations hoped the revised bill would include protections to Medicaid and increase health care coverage, but this bill still falls drastically short. Catholic Charities USA shared their analysis.

Please join the advocacy for affordable health care coverage for all, and especially for poor people. Go to this link at and click on “Advocacy Center”

BCRA reduces coverage for those least able to afford it. By eliminating the Medicaid expansion which provides access to health care coverage to millions of individuals and changing traditional Medicaid from an entitlement to a block grant, millions of low-income individuals and families will lose access to affordable health care coverage.

CCUSA’s and LCUSA’s work is rooted in the Church’s moral and social teaching, which holds in accordance with human dignity, that health care is a basic human right. Across the country, Catholic Charities agencies provided health care-related services to more than 860,000 individuals. These agencies see first hand the devastating consequences of inadequate health care. They see the consequences of untreated mental illness, they work to respond to the growing opioid epidemic and they support families who are struggling between to decide between paying their health care bills or paying their rent.

Urge Congress instead to work for a health care bill which truly expands coverage, reduces costs and respects human life and dignity.

One thought on “Advocacy for Affordable Health Care Coverage for All

  1. The Affordable Care Act does not provide affordable care. Working class people who don’t qualify for subsidies can’t afford to see a doctor because premiums, co-pays and deductibles are too expensive. So, the Affordable Care Act should go. If Medicaid needs to expand at a slower rate that does not mean it isn’t being funded. Only in DC does 2+3=4.

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