Act Now: American Health Care Act


The Senate Republicans are working behind closed doors to put through the AHCA without public input. Please call your Senators and let them know you want them to open this process and work with the Democrats to create legislation that will serve all Americans. The Senate wants to pass the Act before the July 4 recess. We must act now to secure dialogue with those who represent the poor and vulnerable.

AARP has a fact sheet with a phone number 1-844-259-9355 to call our Senators and ask them to reject the AHCA. Listen to the brief message from AARP and then press 1 for your first Senator’s office; then you will have to make a second call to be in touch with the second Senator’s office.

Attached is the “AHCA Fact Sheet.” Share with your family and friends and urge them to call also.

Please help protect health care for the poor and elderly. Thank you for your advocacy.

Marie Copeland, NE Region Advocacy Liaison for the LCUSA Board Advocacy Committee

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One thought on “Act Now: American Health Care Act

  1. the Congress needs to have time to go through this document before voting, I hope it is not just pushed through, the ones that are left out are the one that need it most.

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