LCUSA Receives 400th Anniversary Recognition from Society of St. Vincent de Paul

LCUSA was recognized for the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the Confraternities of Charity in France. The celebration was held on March 25 in St. Louis, MO, our founding city in the U.S., and was a lovely event. Mary Nell Williams, LCUSA Vice President from the North Central Region and Joan Stanard, a former Director of the North Central Region, accepted a $400 check and a framed print of St. Vincent with the beggar from Sheila Gilbert, President of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. LCUSA is most grateful!

3 thoughts on “LCUSA Receives 400th Anniversary Recognition from Society of St. Vincent de Paul

  1. Congratulations Mary Nell and fellow LCUSA members. After our exhilarating and deeply spiritual experience at the AIC Assembly in Chatillon and gathering in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France on International Women’s Day we are even more appreciative of the achievement of these women and our Vincentian charism over the past 400 years in the service of those people living in poverty. It’s wonderful that the SVP USA recognise this and wish to mark this occasion so generously. Dee Mansi. President AIC UK

  2. This is a delightful recognition. We are so proud to be Ladies of Charity 400 years after our founding. As was stated by the President of AIC France in the opening ceremony of our celebration in Chatillon, “If it was not for the women, there may not be a St. Vincent de Paul.” We are proud to continue the legacy of caring with humility, simplicity and charity and look forward to a future of collaboration with our very large family that has grown into a “Charism of Charity.” Thank you Society of St. Vincent de Paul, USA.

  3. Thank you, Society of St Vincent de Paul, USA. We so appreciate your generosity and collaborative spirit!

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