Marie Fouché’s Profound Dedication to Haiti

Marie Fouché, LOC of St. John’s University, NY permanently moved to the US in 1968 but has consistently dedicated herself to her native country of Haiti.

No ordinary effort

Marie, an administrator and a teacher, was a founding member of Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc. (HAUP), worked to support the Haitian and Creole language, published a book, written a play, co-hosted a radio show, traveled to Haiti to assist with education following the devastating earthquake, maintains a blog, has been recognized with National awards and currently her latest program is Renesansavo, which educates the young people of Anse-à-Veau, Haiti about sustainable development and Catholic social teaching.

Marie is also training to be a Vincentian Spiritual Moderator for the Ladies of Charity. To read more about this fascinating woman who is called to personally walk with others out of the chains of poverty: click here.

3 thoughts on “Marie Fouché’s Profound Dedication to Haiti

  1. Marie Never ceases to amaze. Her passion, energy level and organizational skills are a super-charged combination. Her desire to sustainably improve lives in Haiti is beyond admirable.

  2. It an honor to know Marie and to witness her dedication to her homeland. She is a proudoundly hard working woman who gives so much of herself for Haiti. God bless you and your work, Marie.

  3. Not only does Marie donate hours of service to those in need but she is a deeply spiritual woman.

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