LOC: Please advocate NOW to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Click here to sign an online letter to your Representatives asking them not to repeal the ACA without a suitable alternative in place.

Below is an important request from The Society of St. Vincent de Paul:

Your help is urgently needed to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the opening days of the new Congress and new Administration. In particular, help in reaching out to selected Senators is critical.

Interfaith groups are forming to make this overture, and the Society, through President Gilbert, has signed on to an interfaith effort being led by NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice to block the repeal of ACA.

A repeal of the ACA would unquestionably harm many of those we serve. We can play a powerful role, but we have to act quickly.

Click here to contact Tom Dwyer, National Voice of the Poor Committee Chair, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, to assist you in reaching out to selected Senators.

8 thoughts on “LOC: Please advocate NOW to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act

  1. What can we do to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act if Congress has already decided they are going to repeal it?

    As of January 21, 2017 our government will be run by billionaires for millionaires and the rest of the country doesn’t matter.

  2. As a Lady of Charity, I believe that it is imperative that we take definitive action to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. A repeal of the ACA would create major obstacles to people seeking care, especially among the poor, elderly, and the disabled. The very people that we are charged to support and advocate for will be the ones most impacted by a repeal.

    I urged all Ladies of Charity to call their representatives to Block the repeal of ACA. Ladies of Charity use your power!

  3. As a Lady of Charity I believe that those member from states that supported the new administration should make sure that they voice their opinion to their congressional delegations about the needs of the poor and the impact facing the poor if laws are repeal with nothing in place to meet the needs. In the Spirit of St Vincent and St Louise may we show humality and charity toward all. Repealing the law will hurt a number of people and cause the death of millions who will not have adquate health care.

  4. In New York State, my own daughter just signed up for ACA as her husband retired and only he was covered in retirement. The ACA was $300 a month but without it, the cost would have been $600.

    What will happen to the 20 million people who have insurance under the ACA? There must be a plan in place before it can be repealed!!

  5. Our government has no right to destabilize medical care for the less fortunate by withdrawing the Affordable Care Act and not having another “affordable” and competent insurance in it’s place,

    As a Daughter of Charity, as well as a moderator of the Ladies of Charity this is a serious concern of mine.

  6. We could use a coalition of people from all walks of life to be the driven force to make our voices heard. Just a thought!

  7. Government should not only gear towards those who can afford for themselves but also look into issues that concern the less fortunate. A typical example is the affordable Care Act which helps to stabilize medical care for the less fortunate. I stand for the right of the these citizens to encourage government to continue with the noble efforts of providing this affordable medical care.

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