Holy Ghost LOC Archdiocese of Washington Create Advent Giving Tree

The Holy Ghost Ladies of Charity Archdiocese of Washington decorated an Advent Giving Tree for local school and community children. A beginning to the Advent season for parishioners to share in the act of giving to brighten the lives of children on Christmas day. Tags identified sizes for clothing obtained from school counselors and local families. Gifts were delivered on Monday, December 19. Approximately 80 – 90 tags were on the tree with four envelopes each containing more than one child in a family. Parishioners have requested that any family with more than one child be identified so that comparable gifts are purchased for each of them. The Holy Ghost parishioners have always been so generous in supporting the works of the Ladies of Charity in their support of local community and schools. Wishes for a joy-filled and faith-filled Christmas!

While taking a picture of the gifts for local school children, the deacon paused to say: “Yes, the gifts are for the children but the Ladies are the gift to the church.”

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