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ECONÓMA, ECUADOR: We just received a lovely thank-you note from the Daughters of Charity in Ecuador. The LCUSA recently wired $11,480 to the Daughters in Ecuador for relief from the devastation caused by their recent earthquake. Donations came not only from LCUSA but from a wide number of individuals and associations across the U.S.

Sor Alba Chorlango, HC
Sor Alba Chorlango, HC

As promised by Sor Alba Chorlango, Económa Provincial of Hijas de la Caridad, our funds will be well used and will reach the poorest in need. To quote Sister, “At this time their major concern is establishing security and assisting affected families.” Isn’t it beautiful the feeling that Vincent places in our heart when we follow his direction!

Please read the note below written with such gratitude to our kind and compassionate Ladies. Bless you all. (Donna Montague is LCUSA Treasurer.)

Dear Lady Donna Montague, DAMAS AIC-

Kindest regards and wish the Lord bless your mission. We have received with joy and was paid into our account the amount of 11,480.00 donation for the poor of the earthquake in Ecuador. THANK YOU for your help and solidarity.
As a province we have undertaken a series of actions to provide security and assist the affected families having local solidarity.

Thanks to all the families who collaborated, be assured that this assistance will be well used and will reach the Poorest they need, I welcome your prayers confident that the good Mother of the Medal, cares for her children.
As soon as possible, we send a report of the use of funds.



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