Ladies of Charity, Indianapolis Assists with Food Distribution


from Mary Nell Williams, Vice President, North Central Region

On August 20 Rosemary Hume and Mary Nell Williams, Ladies of Charity, Indianapolis assisted Gleaner’s mobile food bank with food distribution. Like a number of areas around the country, Indianapolis has several identified areas where the greatest number of persons are food insecure. These are also areas of high crime and poverty. Over 19% are food insecure and nearly one third of those do not qualify for federal nutrition programs. Gleaner’s has partnered with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police and other community agencies to provide volunteers to distribute nutritious food, including meats and fresh produce, and additional resources to those in need. This particular program was in effect all summer distributing food in multiple areas six days/week. While children in these areas may be eligible for free or reduced breakfast and lunch programs throughout the school year, many go hungry during summer breaks. At times their hunger prompts them to commit petty crimes in order to feed themselves and their siblings.

The only information collected was the persons’ zip codes and the number of individuals in their households as well as their ages. These pieces of information assisted Gleaner’s to understand where the people live and how many and what ages were being served.

The Ladies of Charity, Indianapolis, look forward to the opportunity to participate again next summer.

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