Happy 100th Birthday, Annette Scheid!

AnnetteThe Ladies of Charity of the Diocese of Pittsburgh are grateful to have had the experience of Annette Scheid’s many years of guidance and leadership. Annette, like the Ladies of Charity, has a long history of personal service. She has spent a considerable amount of her life helping others — including driving cancer patients to their treatment, volunteering at her local hospital and working at her parish festival. In addition to her volunteer activities with her parish of All Saints Ladies of Charity, Annette has a valued history as Co-Chair of Pittsburgh’s Ladies of Charity Emergency Fund for the Elderly. Annette poured her energy into it and because of her efforts, this fund, which aids many elderly residents of the area, continues to flourish.

Annette Scheid held many positions on the Diocesan Board of the Ladies of Charity – including President. However, it is her years of mentoring as the Diocesan Board Chair (following the death of Grace Eckhardt) in which Annette gave continued stability and passed along her knowledge of the rich history of the LOC. She instilled in the board the importance of keeping the roots and traditions of the Ladies of Charity in the forefront so that we may continue the work of St. Vincent, St. Louise and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Annette illustrates by example the virtues of Humility, Simplicity and Charity. This month Annette celebrated her 100th birthday. We salute you, Annette!

8 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday, Annette Scheid!

  1. That’s our Annette!! God’s blessings for many more!!!! And thank you for your service…..Debi Katich, All Saints LOC

  2. Happy Birthday Annette! You are inspiration to us…..
    God Bless you as you celebrate 100 years.

  3. Dear Annette,

    What an AWESOME Lady of Charity you are. With all that you give of yourself you are an outstanding witness to all of us! You are truly remarkable. Congratulations, and may God bless you abundantly!

  4. Congratulations Annette! You are indeed a special Lady of Charity. How very impressed I am
    reading of your great service.

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