Two Visual Resources

Here we would like to feature two slide show resources from The first is a meditation on St. Vincent, who “burned with a divine fire which drove him towards the poor”.

Click on the right side of the slide to advance. Click on the small double arrows towards the bottom right, to expand to full screen.

Reflect: How will I allow the Holy Spirit to transform my mind and heart, and ignite my will to serve Christ in the poor, in the days ahead?

The second one is a presentation on St. Louise as a Leader. She was a strong leader and organizer, but with a feminine and tender side; she observed and then took action; she was a bridge between social classes; she had a collaborative leadership style; she was a skilled motivator; she trusted others; she was able to turn her own problems into positive energy; she was creative and took risks when necessary; she turned rejection into positive action; and she had a unique style of conflict resolution.

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