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The volunteers from AIC-Syria explain to us how they have used the donations received from the AIC International network, while asking us to continue keeping the people of Syria very much in our prayers.

Part of the money has been given to disadvantaged families. Some of it has served to provide school support to children of martyrs or families in need. The donations also allow for the provision of free accommodation to groups of youngsters during camps and training weekends. Thanks to the donations received, over the summer the AIC volunteers were able to attend to sick people needing heart surgery or undergoing chemotherapy and accompany women during childbirth. Three mothers received a basket filled with boxes of milk for their children and diapers, which are also distributed to families with young children.

Moreover, the volunteers were able to offer support which allowed a young woman who had suffered shrapnel wounds to the legs to receive physiotherapy sessions and contributed to the costs of two sets of dentures. Now that children are going back to school, every student under the age of 15 will receive a uniform (an apron for the youngest and shirts and trousers for the older ones), a backpack and a pencil case with a pen, pencil, eraser, etc. Their families will also receive a sum of money.

The volunteers work in close collaboration with the Daughters of Charity in Damas and they will continue supporting the home of Mother Teresa’s Sisters which accommodates the elderly free of charge. 

The money being spent is carefully recorded in a detailed financial report. As a very cold winter was announced, money was distributed to families in November so that they could buy fuel. With the new donations that they received from AIC International, the volunteers were able to offer substantial support to families, providing them with winter clothes, food, presents and organizing parties for the children.

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