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Financial help was received on November 7th 2014 : 5843 Euros. The schooling project and nutrition of the poor children is ongoing, in addition to other sorts of activities such as empowering mothers and forming them in hygiene and health care.

At the end of 2013, the World Food Program (WFP) stopped helping the groups in food supplies and the volunteers began to be worried about how to continue with the daily meals for the hundreds of children who attend school. Fortunately, PROVIDENCE is always there and how happy we were when we heard about the subsidies sent by the Ladies of Charity USA.

Upon agreement from the AIC Project Service, we decided to send money to the groups who look after many pupils according to the table below. Most of the financial help will be used for the daily nutrition of the children during this school year:

Group Beneficiaries Sum of money sent Money used for
Manakara 350 children 1100 euros Nutrition
Fianarantsoa 200 children 900 euros Nutrition
Anosizato An/rivo 160 Children 700 euros Nutrition
Ankadisoa An/rivo 60 Children 500 euros Nutrition
Vohipeno 67 Children 500 euros Nutrition
Ambolosy 80 Mothers 500 euros Poultry Breeding for the mothers’ empowerment
AIC Marillac F/D  20 handicapped children 200 euros Christmas 2014 and nutrition
AIC Tanambao 40 very poor children 200 euros Christmas 2014 with their mothers and the volunteers
National Animation 14 groups existing in Madagascar 1 000 euros Visits, following projects, communication etc ….


The Project Coordinator
Ramanankavana Rose de Lima
Manakara 17th July 2015

Washing hands before eating
At the canteen

200 children from 5 years old (kindergarten) to 18-20 years old (University) attend our Centre 5 days a week.
At noon they come back from school and are given a meal. Our Centre functions during the school year from October to July (for 10 months).

Giving food to these poor children is very important as it allows them to continue their studies. Education is a way to fight against poverty.

Nutrition Project

Economic Development Project

To donate to this project, send a check payable to the LCUSA, with notation Madagascar Twinning Project, to:

Ladies of Charity National Service Center
P.O. Box 595
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

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