Ladies of Charity and Soles4Souls

Ann Caste of the Ladies of Charity in Nashville, shares:

Juan Carlos Costa, Eduardo Ohara, Brandon Garcia and Lion Garcia came into Ladies of Charity Welfare Office looking for construction workboots after being referred by their co-workers. They are all industriously working on the new apartment building on Charlotte Avenue, in downtown Nashville.

Juan, Eduardo, Brandon and Lion all moved to Nashville recently because they had a family member already living here in Nashville. These able-bodied men were able to secure a good paying job in construction as they already had previous experience from their homeland. However, they didn’t have the proper footwear and that’s where Ladies of Charity and Soles4Souls stepped in. These men are now working in a secure job with no risk of being laid off or fired due to a lack of proper equipment.

What a blessing for these four men and their families! God bless Soles4Souls for providing this very needy ingredient for each fellow.

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