The Little Cross That Could

The Ladies of Charity of Little Rock, Arkansas, holds a Pay it Forward event every two years. Each member, willing to participate, receives five dollars and is encouraged to make it grow. The funds are used to help the less fortunate – buying medicine, help with emergency housing, supplying needs for a pregnancy resource center, etc.

Susan Johnson of Bryant, Arkansas, used her five dollars to buy a bottle of Mod Podge. That, along with a stack of old magazines, scissors, a needle and a cork, the five dollars grew into a beautiful coiled cross. Using the social media platform Facebook, Susan held an online auction for the cross. A friendly and energetic bidding war ensued. The popular little cross gained much attention and at the auction’s brought in a final total of $300.

image002-2On the evening meeting that funds were to be brought in, the Ladies had a guest speaker, Sister Elizabeth Greim of Daughters of Charity. Sister had just been named the new director of Jericho Way, DePaul USA – a day resource center for the homeless. Sister gave a clear and moving talk about the plight of the homeless – their struggles and needs and the many opportunities that abound for charitable acts of kindness. Some that go beyond donations of food and blankets – such as the need for official documents in order to get identification that is required for check cashing, entry into night shelters. bus passes, etc. Paying for copies of birth certificates In order to get the identification is the first hurdle.

Susan donated her Pay it Forward funds towards Jericho Way and designated that all of the proceeds from the cross be used for the purpose of paying the document fees that the homeless need.

3 thoughts on “The Little Cross That Could

  1. Susan is a very talented young woman. As we say in our profession. ” She has a deaf heart”. This means she is very empathetic with our deaf population. As I have come to know her more , I know she has a soft heart for all living creatures. This was an awesome project way to go. Thank u God

  2. Such an inspiring article! I’m familiar with the outreach for the homeless and under employed in our city and understand that Jericho Way will have a bit different way to serve than we have had in the past. Sister Greim’s track record for a successful program along with marvelous volunteers like Susan Johnson is sure to make a difference!

    I personally know Susan and am privileged to call her my friend. Her artistic talent, generous nature, and quick wit make her a favorite among many. Susan knows how to make a difference too!

  3. The talent, creativity and commitment individually and collectively of the Ladies of Charity is inspiring and humbling. Thank you Susan, Sr. Elizabeth and the Ladies of Little Rock.

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