LOC Collaborate With Daughters of Charity and Depaul USA

Members of the Little Rock, Arkansas Ladies of Charity have recently begun supporting the Jericho Way Center of Depaul USA. The facility opened a few months ago under the direction of Sr. Elizabeth Greim, DC, as a day center to serve the homeless. From 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday, visitors are offered breakfast and lunch as well as a place to relax, take a nap, visit and shower. The Ladies volunteer at the site as well as donate items such as soap, towels, hot coffee and a good meal. Nancy Bennett, president of the Little Rock LOC, thoroughly enjoys working with Sister Elizabeth. "She is a remarkable woman, giving of her time in serving others while commuting between locations in Little Rock and Macon, GA."

Sister Elizabeth Greim, DC (left) and Little Rock LOC President Nancy Barrett are joined with workers at the Jericho Way Center of Depaul USA.

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