Ladies of Charity Assist a Missionary

Fr._Barth_and_St. GregA group of Ladies of Charity from St. Gregory the Great parish in the Diocese of Buffalo visited with Fr. John Barth, a Maryknoll priest returning home for a brief visit from his work in South Sudan, Africa. Fr. Barth has spent five years there working and administrating skilled training for the blind. His previous eleven years were spent in Cambodia, founding an organization of social workers, doctors and nurses specifically trained to help the incurably blind. Fr. Barth showed the group views of his eye clinic in Buluk, facilities in Juba and Balinyang and a Mori village among other beautiful scenes of this impoverished agriculture-based country. As Fr. Barth says of his blind students who have completed the training, “Yes, sometimes the blind do lead the blind.” The parish association provides a stipend each year to support Fr. Barth’s work.

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