Reentry Program

rita robinson
Rita Robinson is pictured with Reverend Michael Bryant, Founder


Carolyn Brown and Rita Robinson, members of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ladies of Charity, participate as Mentors in Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Washington’s Welcome Home Program. Welcome Home is a Reentry Program serving the imprisoned and helping them transition home in Washington, D.C., Montgomery, Prince George’s and Charles County Maryland.

The Welcome Home Reentry Program assists men and women returning home from incarceration to adjust and reorient their lives by providing them with the guidance of experienced mentors recruited from local religious and civic organizations. Mentors acts as strong role models offering returnees moral support and encouragement as they redirect lives that were interrupted by circumstances and poor choices leading to incarceration. The Welcome Home Reentry Program works in close collaboration with many organizations to ensure that men and women are unconditionally welcomed back into the communities from which they came.

Catholic Charities host an Annual Appreciation Luncheon for Mentors and Mentees. At the luncheon, Msgr. John Enzler gave opening remarks. Rev. Michael Bryant thanked the Mentors for service and gave a Blessing to mentors, mentees and staff. A Panel consisting of Mentor and Mentee talked of their respective journeys with one another.

Rita Robinson is pictured with Reverend Michael Bryant, Founder, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation. Carolyn Brown was not able to attend the luncheon.

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