Alba Giordano Receives Award from Catholic Charities, Albany, NY

On February 17, Alba Giordano was the recipient of the Sister Maureen Joyce Distinguished Service Award 2015 at the Annual Sister Maureen Joyce Center Dinner in Albany, NY. Alba was recognized for her many years of service at a local food pantry, where she continues to be a weekly volunteer, as well as being a former trustee of her parish and numerous other locations where she has graciously and willingly served as a volunteer. Alba also served on the LCUSA Board for four years, as well as serving as President of the Albany Ladies of Charity. Her enthusiasm for volunteering and helping others in the community is a joy to all who work with her. At the Sister Maureen Joyce Center, she is a welcoming presence to those who come looking for assistance. Her work has enriched the lives of many for whom she has served. She said, “I look forward to going every week where I have made wonderful friends of both the volunteers and the clients. I have listened to life experiences that I never believed I could hear. I constantly ponder the mystery of life, but it affirms my belief that there but for the grace of God go I.”

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