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One of the ways Webster defines privilege is, “having the rare opportunity to do something that brings particular pleasure.” My name is Tama Dutton and it is truly my privilege to begin my role as the Executive Administrator in the LCUSA National Service Center.

I arrive at this “rare opportunity” at the age of 58, a life-long Kansan, married for 31 years to a good man named Randy, with two grown married sons, two grandsons, and a precious granddaughter. Isn’t God so good? In my professional life, I like to say I have had two great careers, one brown, one black. Let me explain. In 1974, right out of high school at the ripe old age of 17, I started to work for UPS. I worked my way into management, and those of you who worked in an all-male environment during this time frame, I am sure we could swap battle stories! In 1997 I resigned from UPS ending 23 years of employment with “What can brown do for you?” The wonderful part of my career story is that I resigned from “brown” because I was being called to “black.” In 1997 I started to work for various priests and bishops in the Diocese of Wichita, Kan. Two of my most memorable opportunities were the years I spent in the daily classroom teaching theology courses to high school students, and when I served as the diocesan director of the Respect Life and Social Justice Office. I ended my “black” career in 2014, because Randy and I relocated to far northeast Kansas to be closer to grandkids. So that brings my brown and black professional life story to now intersect and continue with the amazing Ladies of Charity. I find myself wondering, “What color will reflect these years?”

Please allow me to to thank each of you for this “rare opportunity to do something that brings particular pleasure.” I am so looking forward to meeting more of the board members in April, and meeting many of you this September in New Orleans during the LCUSA national assembly. Until then in the spirit of Vincent, Louise and Elizabeth, may we see Jesus in all those we meet and serve. May it be so.

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  1. Dear Tama,

    Welcome and congratulations on your new role with the LOC! Look forward to meeting you in Sept in New Orleans. May God bless you and guide you in your new duties!
    Marian Snyder, Moderator. Junior Ladies of Charity, Buffalo NY

  2. Welcome Tama. I spoke with you a few weeks ago and enjoyed reading your story today. Best wishes in your new post.

    1. Welcome Tama! How blessed we are to have you with us! I suggest that you have ‘joined the BLUE’!! I am the Vincentian Spiritual Advisor for the Evansville, IN Chapter of the Ladies of Charity and hopefully get around to assist other Chapters in our Regional section. I’ll be seeing you here at Mater Dei Residence, where you and the Board will have their April Board meeting! Blessings on you and your family as you continue your faith-ministry journey! Sister Jane Burger, D.C.

  3. Dear Tama,
    Welcome to the Ladies of Charity Association! How blessed we are to have you as the Executive Administrator in the LCUSA National Service Center. I am the Vincentian Spiritual Advisor for the Evansville Chapter of the Ladies of Charity and hopefully will assist with the Chapters in a section of our Region. I will meet you in April at the National Board meeting which has been held here at my Residence of Mater Dei campus. I will keep you and your family in my prayers as you transition into your new role/ministry! May St. Vincent and St. Louise walk with you! Blessings! Sister Jane Burger, D.C.

  4. Tama, welcome to the Vincentian family. I know you will enjoy all the wonderful faith filled people you meet and be a blessing to them as well.

    Sheila Gilbert, National President. St. Vincent DePaul Society

  5. What a great introduction to a new Lady of Charity who will serve members throughout the United States. I too look forward to meeting Tama in New Orleans. Thanks FamVin for the introduction of LCUSA’s new Executive Administrator.

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