Relocation of LCUSA National Office


The building in St. Louis that held our national office was recently sold and we were forced to relocate for the second time in 5 years. Two factors influenced our decision of where to locate our office.  Our budget is restrictive and we are incorporated in the state of Missouri so remaining in Missouri was a must. We were unable to find suitable space at a cost we could afford in St. Louis so are moving the office to Kansas City, Missouri. Attached is a letter that was sent to our association presidents.

We wish to thank Maureen McMillan for her service to the Ladies during her tenure in our office. She was always cheerful, willing to help and filled with a Vincentian heart. Maureen was given a nice severance package and a medal of St. Louise commemorating her years of service.

Please continue to contact us as usual. We may be a little slower to answer as we are in temporary space but we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our new cell phone number is 816-260-3853.

In the spirit of St. Vincent and St. Louise,

Gayle Johnson
National President, AIC-LCUSA

Download Letter of Notification of Move (Word Doc)

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