Nights of Thunder in Perryville

Perryville, MO Nights of Thunder Fundraiser, Aug 2014
Claire Schemel writes:

The Ladies of Charity in Perryville, Mo., receive remarkable community support. They have never needed to organize a fund-raising event for their programs. Scouting troops, church groups and local schools and businesses name the Ladies the beneficiary of their fund-raising. Panera Bread donates bread each year valued at approximately $30,000. The most recent occasion was the third annual Nights of Thunder, hosted in August by a local tavern. Participants pay $10 each for the opportunity to arrive in their own hot rods, muscle cars, race cars and vintage vehicles. Drivers on their way to a race in nearby Sikeston also make an appearance. Dave Mullin, owner of a 1937 Chevy, described the event: “We get to show off our cars, promote our race… and you should see the look on the crowd’s faces when we fire up our engines and make it ‘thunder.’ That’s the best part.” (The Republic Monitor) The payment is optional for other members of the public, but everyone is asked to bring as many canned goods as they can carry. All proceeds and food go the Ladies of Charity food pantry which is operated two days a week in a building purchased and maintained for the Ladies by St. Vincent’s Church. The Nights of Thunder raised $3650 in cash and a truck load of canned goods. The proceeds will help meet the needs of the nearly 1,000 people assisted monthly.

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