Social Isolation of the Elderly: What We Can Do

dee-mansiDee Mansi, President of AIC in the United Kingdom, has written an article for the international Catholic weekly The Tablet, drawing attention to the plight of elderly people who are left lonely and vulnerable. They may be weak, disabled, ill; their spouses and friends may have died. They need to be befriended or perhaps reconnected with family, friends or former colleagues. She encourages us to “reach out to them with affection and tenderness”. Click here to download the article in PDF format. Made available here by permission.

2 thoughts on “Social Isolation of the Elderly: What We Can Do

  1. Thank you for your alert. What a fine thing it would be if each of our LOC Associations would reach out regularly to our members who can no longer easily get out. Dee Mansi’s article is very inspiring.

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