Cup of Joe

Archdiocese of Washington

From left: Evelyn Rattley, Odell Allen and Marie O’Neal

On June 2, the Ladies of Charity (LOC) from St. Benedict the Moor volunteered for the first time to work at the Cup of Joe project. Cup of Joe is a breakfast pack program serving the men and women at Catholic Charities’ homeless shelters throughout the Archdiocese of Washington. Kevin O’Brien, coordinator of the program, attended one of the District of Columbia LOC quarterly meetings to explain the program and seek volunteers to partner with Catholic Charities in meeting the needs of the homeless in our community. The Ladies at St. Benedict answered the call. Odell Allen, President of the LOC at St. Benedict, Evelyn Rattley and Marie O’Neal collectively packed 432 bags filled with breakfast items and delivered them to the Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter. The Ladies plan to volunteer once a month on this project whose goal is to provide breakfast to every homeless person.

Submitted by:
Toni K. Gaines

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