LOC Support Housing for Survivors of Torture

TASSC (Torture Abolitio1n and Survivors Support Coalition) International is a non-profit organization whose members are survivors of torture. Founded in 1998, TASSC is dedicated to offering support to those who have been tortured and to the abolition of this worldwide crime against humanity. The organization provides a range of medical, legal, and psychological support. TASSC also offers free transitional housing for up to 6 months for 8 male survivors. (Visit http://www.tassc.org for additional information.)

The Archdiocese of Washington Ladies of Charity (ADW LOC) have supported TASSC in the past. Recently, Katherine Crosson, a volunteer with TASSC put out a call for help. They had several needs in preparation for moving in 6 survivors to the home on Saturday, June 21:

  • 4 twin mattresses
  • 8 mattress covers
  • 8 pillows
  • 16 sets of twin bed sheets (fitted, flat, and pillow cases)
  • 3 dressers

As always, the ADW Ladies of Charity responded to the call. Ms. Crosson reported that the response from the ADW LOC to its request was wonderful. They now have all of the dressers, mattress covers and pillows they requested. In addition, a Jewish organization is giving them the sheet sets. TASSC was able to reach its goal. Ms. Crosson was awestruck by the ADW LOC generosity and timely response. She expressed her deepest gratitude and commented: “A simple ask and we have been blessed.”

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