LCUSA Continues Support of Madagascar Twinning Project

At the 2013 LCUSA National Assembly in San Jose, CA, a check for $5,000.00 was presented to AIC Madagascar for continuing support of the LCUSA twinning project. Money collected was received from twenty contributions by individuals and fifteen contributions from local associations.

AIC Madagascar continues to express appreciation on behalf of the volunteers for continuing prayers and financial support. Meet a young girl, Pelastra, who has benefitted from this support. Pelastra is an orphan who lives with her brother, Jean, in a small house in Manakara. The house was built by previous support of a project, A ROOF FIRST. Pelastra is studying conscientiously during her last year of secondary school and preparing for her exams. She is nurtured and encouraged by the AIC Center in Manakara to study and work hard. She is a good student and her dream is to further her education and become a mid-wife to help others as she has been helped. Her brother, Jean, is currently attending college and caring for his sister.

Systemic change is taking place and will continue through your prayers and support and efforts to help children become adults who are successful members of their community. In addition to continuing the twinning program with Madagascar this year LCUSA has made a monetary contribution in support of AIC Ukraine.

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