St. Patrick School Celebrates Library Reopening in North Hollywood, CA

January, 2014

The school’s library program was resurrected thanks to the donation of many hours of service provided by former school parent/library science student Julia Roman and school benefactor, Mrs. Lupe Drysch, who recently moved into the area from Beverly Hills and began volunteering at the school.

The library was dedicated in honor of Drysch for her generosity in not only adopting the school and library, but for her gift of new flooring and colorful, age-appropriate furniture for the students who will visit the room to select reading books. Mrs. Drysch volunteers once a week in the library and is a Lady of Charity in Los Angeles. The school library now has a group of dedicated volunteers who come twice a week to staff the reading room.

Lupe Drysch Library, St. Patrick's School, Los Angelis

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