Creative Fundraising in Los Angeles

Sally JohnsonSally Johnson has been a Lady of Charity in Los Angeles for about 10 years. She is currently on the board of directors as a Regional Chairperson and Hospitality Chairperson. Five years ago she began LOC’s participation in the annual Shopping Extravaganza at the Citadel Outlets. Non-profit groups sell tickets for $25 each and are able to retain $20 of each admission. The purchaser receives lunch and the benefit of deeper discounts at 125 stores. Music, wine tasting, three free tickets for a raffle of $80,000 worth of prizes and free baggage check are also included. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased, and organizations selling more than 100 admissions share in the proceeds.

In 2013, LOC earned $4,000 which it disbursed among its five regions for aid to Catholic schools in need. Sally suggests associations research similar opportunities in their own areas. She is willing to share the benefits of her experience in organizing and promoting this fundraising opportunity.

The Los Angeles LOC invested 10 new members during an October Mass at St. Vincent Church. The new Ladies of Charity each received a rose, a cross and a booklet on the organization. Brunch at the Doheny Mansion on the grounds of Mount St. Mary’s College followed.

– Mary Beth Legg

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