2013 Appeal for Madagascar

The following was included in a letter from the LCUSA/AIC Madagascar Twinning Committee:

10 July 2013

Dear Ladies of Charity,

As Ladies of Charity we are dedicated to the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. We are called to continue the Mission they began in 1617 continuing the fight against all forms of poverty and marginalization not only at home but throughout the world. Globalization, systemic change, and twinning are terms we are familiar with directly relating to our Mission with AIC Madagascar.

AIC Madagascar continues to express sincere appreciation on behalf of the volunteers for your continuing prayers and financial support. We want you to meet one of the young girls, Pelatsra, who has benefitted greatly from your support. Pelatsra is an orphan who lives with her brother in a small house in Manakara. A house built by the AIC Manakara project A Roof First. She is studying very hard during her last year of secondary school preparing for exams this coming August. She is nurtured and encouraged by the AIC Centre in Manakara to study and work hard. She is a good student having never repeated a school year. Her dream is to continue to further her education by becoming a midwife to help others as she has been helped. Her brother Jean Chry currently attends college while he cares for his sister..

The local AIC Centre shared Pelatsra’s words that were expressed beautifully. “… when I get my diploma as a midwife and have a job, the first thing I’ll do is to buy rice for the AIC Children and give some of my free time looking after the small children at the centre, I’m so grateful to those who have been helping my brother and me, and the volunteers, my mothers.” She shares in those words the hope of a young girl dreaming of her success as a woman; a woman contributing to her community. She is grateful to you, the volunteers who she calls her mother, for that support.

Systemic change is truly taking place and will continue through your prayers, support, and efforts to help children grow into adults who are successful members of their community, who in turn will continue the growth of systemic change. There are many young children in Madagascar whose stories have yet to be told; children who will grow into the young women and men whose lives will be changed forever because of your support.

Thank you for helping to create an environment for systemic change in Madagascar where children and women can realize their dreams. Please consider this important Mission as part of your giving both personally and through your local Associations. Gifts are welcome and gratefully accepted at any time. Please help today by mailing your gift to LCUSA National Service Center, 100 N. Jefferson Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63103, or by bringing to the LCUSA National Assembly in San Jose, California September 19–21, 2013.


LCUSA/AIC Madagascar Twinning Committee

Debbie Chadwick

For additional information: AIC MADAGASCAR-Web:aic-madagascar.org

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