In Memoriam: Kathy Coco, LCUSA Board

Kathleen Coco

October 1944- October 2012

Kathy-CocoMany of us have known someone so full of life and the spirit that he or she had an interior glow. From her sparkling eyes to her beautiful smile, Kathy Coco was such a person. Kathy attended elementary and high school in Kansas City, Mo., and moved to St. Louis to attend Fontbonne College, where she met her husband, Matt.  They remained in St. Louis as they raised their four sons.

Kathy was an active member of St. Vincent’s parish, serving for many years in their food kitchen and thrift store. She became president of St. Vincent’s Ladies of Charity association in May of 2012. During her years as a Lady of Charity Kathy started a junior ladies group, initiated an after school tutoring program, and was involved in the “Let’s Start” ministry for women recently released from prison. Kathy helped the national board start the “Walk” program and organized the walk in St. Louis for the past three years. She co-chaired the 2007 National Assembly in St. Louis where LCUSA celebrated 150 years. In September at the Washington, D.C. 2012 National Assembly, Kathy was elected North Central regional vice-president.

Kathy’s heart was full of love for God’s children living in poverty. She continually worked to improve their lives and personally mentored a homeless man, Charlie, a frequent client at St. Vincent’s kitchen. Full of boundless energy and love, Kathy’s sudden death left a void in all our lives. She has joined our Vincentian saints in heaven. To quote from Kathy’s burial Mass:

I’m following the path God laid for me. I took God’s hand when I heard the call; I turned back and left it all.”

    Author Unknown

Submitted by Gayle Johnson, LCUSA President


One thought on “In Memoriam: Kathy Coco, LCUSA Board

  1. May the lovely heart of Kathy rest in perpetual rest.
    Since she worked with charity for Christ, her place in heaven is assured in Jesus name. We send our condolences to members of his family and Ladies of Charity, USA.

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