January is National Poverty Awareness Month

In accordance with the vision of LCUSA-AIC “to provide Vincentian leadership of transformation assisting persons who are vulnerable to move from marginalization and despair to participation and hope” I am providing some links to sites the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have mentioned in their justice documents. If a click on the link does not take you to the site it does provide you the web address you can enter to reach the site. On the Poverty USA link there is an interactive map that will provide statistics about poverty in your state and county.

Poverty Awareness Month: To learn more about poverty around the world, visit here or here. To learn more about poverty in the U.S., visit Poverty USA. A calendar can be downloaded here. *

In addition the weekend, January 11-13th, is was a national prayer weekend dedicated to combating human trafficking. “Human trafficking is the third largest crime in the world and is rapidly growing. Information and prayer resources can be found here. *January is dedicated to combating human trafficking.

As the year progresses you will find more information and further resources on our website to provide you with information on our founders and spiritual formation that you may use with your associations. Please visit us at our website aic.ladiesofcharity.us

Gayle Johnson, President LCUSA-AIC

*(content provided by Sisters of Charity of Nazareth via FamVin)

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