Vincentian Spiritual Moderator Formation

Welcome to Ladies of Charity Vincentian Spiritual Formation Training Module. An explanation of how to use it is in Attachment: ‘Use of Training (Click to Download)‘ The six month process involves:

  1. the Lady of Charity ‘called’ to be ‘a Vincentian Spiritual Moderator’;
  2. a Daughter of Charity or Vincentian priest, that journeys with her for six months, meeting twice a month;
  3. it also includes the approval of the Association she is currently with for the training and, upon her completion of the process, a celebration service is given by the Assciation as she returns as their ‘Vincentian Spiritual Moderator.’

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at

Sister Frances Ryan, DC
LCUSA Spiritual Moderator

Click to download/view ‘Use of Training Module.

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