The Future of the Ladies of Charity

By Albe McGurk, Past President

May you live in interesting times.

St. Vincent & St. LouiseThat common Chinese saying suits today’s society. Whether we like it or not, we are living in interesting times full of challenge for a future that demands innovative thinking.

Like France in the late 1600’s, our society is becoming more divided into the haves and have nots. To confront the destitution of the poor, our patron saints Vincent and Louise braved criticism of religious and civil leaders by breaking through cloister walls to institute a new form of religious life for women. Those dedicated women, the Daughters of Charity, personally ministered to the poor and needy in their homes.

In the 21st century, we, the Ladies of Charity, have opportunities to emulate our founders. Breaking through traditions based on “we have always done it this way,” why not generate inventive means to support and collaborate with our Vincentian family. Cooperation, creative thinking, resource pooling and shared advocacy based on our common charism require us to be open to exploring new and more effective ways to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. Underpinning our efforts are the three virtues we share – faith, hope and love.

We call on our faith and our hope to be optimistic that we can effect positive change in this muddled world. All things are possible with God’s help and love for one another and those we serve.

Vincent and Louise set out with simple basic solutions in their small part of France and their good work grew to encompass the world. It is our call to keep the spirit of these two visionaries alive in this most interesting and challenging of times. It is our mission to engage all of you as Ladies of Charity in today’s changing world. ?

One thought on “The Future of the Ladies of Charity

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reflective piece on the future of LCUSA.

    I am interested in being on your list for the up coming Nat’l Assembly in September in Bethesda. Kindly email me any info available.
    Best wishes, hoping to see you there.
    Sr. Kathie

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