Tidings of Spirituality

The following was taken from the Fall 2011 Servicette

Marge Fiala, Diocese of San Jose

A man of humble beginnings, St. Vincent became a spiritual master and extraordinary teacher of the faith. As St. Vincent de Paul served the vulnerable of his time, he encouraged long periods of prayer and meditation before social action in order to know God’s will. His legacy to us should be his desire for true conversion to God and following the divine will. Taking time to pray and to reflect will lead us to the holiness that St. Vincent de Paul experienced, “Behold, now, how little is needed to become a Saint? Nothing more than to acquire the habit of willing, on every occasion, what God wills.”

In what I do, is it my will or God’s will?

St. Vincent, pray for me that I will take the time to seek, recognize, accept, and follow God’s will.

He was convinced that Christ crucified died for all, and that Jesus wants to save the world. This belief is so instrumental in helping us discover Christ in those we serve.

Do I see Christ in those I serve?

St. Vincent, pray that my eyes will be open to see Christ in those I serve.

The diversity of the Church, the diversity of each one of us, coming together to serve the poor in so many ways resonates the Body of Christ at work in this world. In celebration of St. Vincent de Paul’s feast day, let us rejoice in the calling God has given us as a Lady of Charity following the Vincentian way.

(Excerpts taken from Columbia Magazine 2007 and various St. Vincent de Paul writings) †


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