President’s Message

With a successful 2010 National Assembly behind us, members of LCUSA’s board look forward to following up with associations and members on their needs and future plans. In making our plans as a national board, we will continue to put forth efforts to foster better communications with local associations. I extend a special thank you to the committee members that made the Kansas City National Assembly so meaningful and fulfilling for all of us as members of the Vincentian Family.

The month of October also begins LCUSA’s 2011 Annual Appeal. Your generosity will help support the mission of LCUSA in its service to others. From the 2010 Annual Appeal, contributions were made directly to the Daughters of Charity in their ministry to the people of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. Funding for scholarships was also given for 20 Haitian school children. LCUSA’s donation to Haiti was doubled by the Vincentian Family as they stand behind the support of its members. We hope that you too will stand behind us as we continue to be there for disaster relief wherever it might be. All our board members have given to the 2010 Annual Appeal and expect to show their support for the 2011 Annual Appeal with 100% participation. No contribution is too small. The Ladies of Charity USA gratefully acknowledge your support and prayers for the 2011 Annual Appeal.

Another area that needs your support, your physical support, is to consider being a candidate for a position on LCUSA’s board for the term of office beginning in 2013. One particular position to be filled in the upcoming elections is treasurer. LCUSA manages all its financial information through the QuickBooks program. Everything is already set up and sorted by account numbers. There is a great need for someone to come forward with either the knowledge of QuickBooks or with a background in accounting to fill that particular position. Director positions will also be available throughout the five regions. For more information contact the National Service Center and Executive Administrator Maureen McMillan will have a regional VP or officer get in touch with you. Your God-given talents are there and with all the graces already received, what better way to serve and make use of your talents than to share your gifts with LCUSA’s board. We need you to play an active part in your national organization. Serving on the board affords the opportunity to share your experience and talents with all our local associations and our extended Vincentian Family.

Anticipating the increase of Servicette subscriptions next year, please start to organize members’ names and addresses on an Excel spreadsheet, setting up individual columns for the first name; last name; street address; city; state; zip code; region. Please note that only the first letter of names and addresses are in caps with the exception of the state abbreviations. The Servicette is LCUSA’s vehicle to provide information valuable to you as members. This quarterly newsletter affords each subscriber ideas on how to attract new members; offers different approaches on ways to serve those less fortunate; provides spiritually uplifting prayers and history about our Vincentian heritage; and publishes book reviews and other treasured articles to inspire you as a Lady of Charity. Quoting a statement written in our Silver Anniversary book (LCUSA’s history of the first 25 years), “Communication, both through the written word and personal contacts, is of the greatest importance to the success of an organization such as LCUSA and its affiliated members on the national level and the local level.” Today, more than ever, those words should resound to all of us on the importance of hearing and reading accounts of what is happening in the lives and work of the Ladies of Charity throughout the United States and the world.

Even though we sometimes feel our impact is lacking the luster and publicity that seems to be all around us, I have seen from my visits so much caring and love spread throughout local communities because of your support and effort. This same feeling has been reiterated by other board members who have visited and enjoyed meeting local association members. The board and I appreciate the welcoming hospitality we have received and look forward to visiting with many more of the local associations.

As Ladies of Charity, we know the meaning of commitment. It is defined by St. Camillus de Lellis “as doing what you said you would do after the feeling you said it in has passed.” We know this is true commitment by all of our standards and it is particularly evident in our daily service to others as Ladies of Charity. You have found your place, a rewarding place, doing the work of Christ in the service of the poor. Thanks for all you do and continue to do for others.

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