Systemic Changes of Our Past

The following is taken from the Summer 2011 Servicette

Mary Domer & Mary Johnson, Co–Presidents, LC Milwaukee

Lately, as Ladies of Charity, we have talked about systemic changes in our organizations. Yet, this is not a new idea. The founder of Ladies of Charity, St. Louise deMarillac, and others, were part of systemic changes from 1625–1635. Your organization may want to learn about these early Ladies of Charity. Sr. Frances, Ryan, D.C., Ph.D., shared that history with the Association of the Ladies of Charity, Milwaukee, WI, at our March 8th Day of Reflection.

Questions to ponder:

Did you know that Ladies of Charity heard the call to serve the poor, before the Daughters of Charity were founded?

Who are Madame Goussault, Mademoiselle Pouallalion and Madame, The Duchess of Aiguillon?

What did these early women do with foundlings?

How does one supply milk to foundlings left on a door step?

For answers to the above, consider asking Sr. Fran to come speak to your organization. She is filled with a wealth of historical knowledge.

Sr. Fran shared a current and important question for all Ladies of Charity to consider, “As the federal budget cuts governmental programs, what will be the challenge for the Ladies of Charity and other non-profit organizations?”

You may contact Sr. Fran by contacting the LCUSA Service Center.

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