AIC-2011 International Assembly

Eight members of the Ladies of Charity in the United States gathered with 280 volunteers from all over the world in El Escorial, Madrid, March 30-April 3.  The focus of the Assembly, “Education as a means to eradicating poverty,” inspired delegates to look beyond the usual definition of education.  Education should enable a person to grow and achieve their full potential and be a two-way process, with both the educator and the person being educated benefiting from the experience.  Guided by Vincentian spirituality, at the end of the Assembly members of AIC formulated the operational guidelines for the next two years:

Working together

Education (a two-way process):

  • to identify and value skills
  • to encourage interdependence
  • to promote co-creativity

Supported by AIC Training:

  • spiritual, ethical and Vincentian
  • in techniques, particularly in communication and visibility

These guidelines will enable members to bring about change in the lives of those who are in need.  Through training, volunteers will be better equipped to help those who are experiencing poverty to become independent, while at the same time being active partners in their own development.  The next Assembly will provide an opportunity to evaluate these guidelines.

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