Welcome to the New Year!

As I begin my term as LCUSA president, I extend to each of you my best wishes for a Healthy New Year! With plans being made to focus on you and your work as members of LCUSA, I look forward to being a part of what we are all about.

I had the opportunity to visit a few of LCUSA’s associations at the end of last year, experiencing the generosity and spirit of their membership.  Seeing and meeting those members has given me so much hope for the future of our national organization. Without our associations serving and meeting the needs of those less fortunate, hope would be lost. Just like so many of you I have yet to meet, I realize that today’s society is being comforted both spiritually and bodily by LCUSA members spread across the United States. Looking even farther, those needs are being met all over the world through our international organization, the AIC. What a great comfort knowing that we are actively taking part in giving hope to so many who have lost hope.

A grateful people are we, living today and experiencing the compassion to fulfill our journey here on earth in the service of others. I, like you, find the strength and desire through our Vincentian heritage. How lucky we are to have the ability to leave our footprints in 2011, being of mind and heart to carry out the dreams of St. Vincent and St. Louise in such a different society, yet being one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as they were in the 17th Century.

I look forward to sharing our gifts with you and those less fortunate as we begin this new year together.

Lucy Ann Saunders
LCUSA President

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