Catholic Charities Reaches Out for Help to Reduce Poverty in America

In its Centennial Year, Fr. Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities, has sent a letter asking others to help them reduce poverty in America 50% by the year 2020. Please read his letter and help Catholic Charities in whatever way you can.

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Dear Friend:
Each day the news media portrays an increasingly dismal picture of the human suffering resulting from the continuing spew of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Persons whose lives have been disrupted by past hurricanes and devastating damages now face new levels of extraordinarily complex stress.
During these summer months that provide relaxation and joy for the many of us who enjoy the privilege of economic security, I hope that you will remember the plight of the millions who are less fortunate, including those in need along the Gulf Coast. Please contribute today.
Our Catholic Charities agencies are there to help – help in this situation like they do on a daily basis, providing help and creating hope for more than 9.25 million people all across America.

People who are hungry, homeless, victims of domestic violence, trying to become financially literate, seeking ways to improve their job skills, desperately looking for work – they seek help from Catholic Charities and our local agencies respond with loving care and respect.

Catholic Charities USA works to bolster and support this work of over 65,000 Catholic Charities employees who daily embrace those in need. We reach out to the media to help tell their story. We take their messages to the halls of Congress and carry their voices to the Administration.

Our goal is to reduce poverty in this country by 50% by the year 2020. We will not be deterred in this strategic work even as we experience drastically increased numbers of those in need as a result of our country’s economic depression.

While we reach out to those in need today, we call on our brothers and sisters to help us convince our country that we must join together to really reduce poverty. It is a moral imperative that we do this. We have no choice.

Thank you for your generosity. May the Lord who provides bless you and bless all those who are in need.


Fr. Larry Snyder

Fr. Larry Snyder
President, Catholic Charities USA

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