Pittsburgh Ladies of Charity Host a Great Assembly

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Fr. Gielow and fellow priests celebrate Mass at close of Assembly

The 2009 Assembly was closed with a Mass celebrated by Fr. Gielow followed by a wonderful banquet at the William Penn Hotel.

Chairladies Ruth Punturi (left) and Peggy Keene
Chairladies Ruth Punturi (left) and Peggy Keene

The Pittsburgh Ladies hosted a hugely successful assembly. We welcome your comments and invite you to return to view our photos.

youtube-videoClick to view a 5-minute video of the Assembly.

13 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Ladies of Charity Host a Great Assembly

  1. Thank you to all who made this such a wonderful, successful assembly. The Pittsburgh ladies worked very hard and Peggy Keene and Ruth Punturi should be commended for their leadership. I have heard many positive remarks and I am sure those who attended will be taking home many new ideas to share.
    Blessings to all.
    Albe McGurk

  2. I just sent a note but I wanted to say that the Assembly was wonderful. I’ve been sharing stories with my friends about the inspiring speakers and I’m anxious to share at our meeting on Sunday. Thank you for all of your work and hospitality.

  3. Congratulations to Peggy and Ruth and all the Pittsburgh ladies for an outstanding national assembly. Your efforts and talents were shown in each part of the program. Your hospitality was very much appreciated. Thank you for your support of LCUSA and its membership, and especially for hosting this rewarding national assembly. Pittsburgh as we heard many times is a ‘City of Champions’ not only for its sport teams but also for the many ministries you as Ladies of Charity extend to others. Congratulations again on a ‘Job Well Done.’

  4. Thank you to all the ladies of Pittsburgh for hosting a great assembly. Your choice of workshops was very good. Lots of information and wonderful speakers. Everyone learned and shared. That’s what makes our assemblies so great.

  5. I am so happy that everyone enjoyed the assembly and benefited from all that our speakers had to offer. This assembly was not just the work of two people. We had a core committee of twelve and eighteen different committees each with a chair and co-chair. Not to mention all the ladies around the diocese who helped in many different ways, our choir, all the volunteers and all the hands that made the cookies. It was everyone contributing their gifts that made this assembly what it was.
    Working on this assembly was a joy and a gift. God has been holding our hands each and everyday for the last three years. I am sure he is with the ladies from Nashville now as they plan for next year. We love all the ladies all over our wonderful country and abroad.

  6. Thank you Ladies of Charity of Pittsburgh! You planned and hosted a wonderful gathering of women. The mission was woven through the speakers, the workshops, the special events and the care and hospitality to offered to each of us. You certainly made St. Louise, St. Vincent and St. Elizabeth proud. Thank you.

  7. This was my first Assembly and I must say that I was so inspired by the wonderful work the LCUSA does locally, nationally and internationally. The work you do makes me proud as a Catholic and as a woman. So proud, in fact that I am applying for membership with the St. John’s University LCUSA chapter. It was a privilege to be with you, to meet so many of you, and to be able to photograph and document this wonderful assembly. I look forward to future endeavors with you. God Bless You All!

  8. This was a beautifully done assembly and I am thankful to the Ladies of Charity of Pittsburgh for their perseverance, to all of the Ladies of Charity USA, Daughters of Charity, Sisters of Charity, priests, Vincentians and otherwise, lay speakers , the LCUSA staff , the audio visual team et al for providing such an inspiring few days. For the first time, my two daughters and husband attended. They were very impressed and grateful. The William Penn Omni staff was unbelievably gracious and considerate to our needs. Another plus was the fact that we had fun on the boat trip See y’all in Nashville in 2010, God-willing.

  9. What a wonderfull time we all had, Pittsburgh city is very nice, even the weather was good.
    All our meetings went smooth.
    The speakers could not have been any better.
    Thank you “Pittsburgh” you made it look easy.
    Peace and Blessings to all of you.

  10. I really enjoyed beeing with you; nothing is better than to share a full week with volunteers to understand how an association works ;
    my warmest congratulations for the way AIC volunteers of Pittsburg prepared this assembly and how the national board conducted it : I really can feel that AIC is a network; and that we have so much to learn from each other!
    all the best
    Laurence de la Brosse
    AIC President

  11. What a wonderful, fun and spiritual week it was. This was my first assembly to attend as well as volunteer(as one of the bus ladies) Great work to all the Pittsburgh Ladies of Charity but special thanks to Peggy and Ruth!!!
    It was great to make so many new friends from all over and share in our great works of charity! Blessing to you all !

  12. CONGRATULATIONS to Peggy Keene, Ruth Punturi and all the Pittsburgh Ladies of Charity for all the work that was done to make the Pittsburgh National Assembly such a GREAT ONE! May God continue to bless each of you as you continue your ministries in your local parishes. It was wonderful to be with so many Ladies of Charity from across the country. I’m sure Sts. Vincent, Louise, Elizabeth and Catherine were smiling down upon us. THANKS A MILLION!

  13. Thanks to all the Ladies of Charity in Pittsburgh for an awesome week of not only spiritual refreshment but fun. There was a very nice mix of speakers that fit in with the mission of our ministry and I thank you for that. The tours and side trips were perfect since they allowed us to see your city and the tour guides were the best!!!!! It was great to see and meet so many Ladies from all over the USA.
    Can’t wait for for Nashville.

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