PayPal Now Available on Ladies of Charity USA Website

By Lucy Saunders

PayPalPayPal is an e-commerce business allowing LCUSA members to easily make donations, purchase supplies and register for ongoing activities through own our  website.  PayPal is a low cost way for LCUSA to accept credit card and bank account donations. PayPal offers a charity rate to US 501C 3 organizations with no monthly fee. Fees are only charged when a transaction is made. Credit card purchases, donations, etc are deposited into LCUSA’s bank account the following day.  Detailed transaction records are available to LCUSA via the PayPal website.

When a member clicks on the DONATE or PURCHASE button, they are taken to a secure PayPal payment page, where they can either log in to an existing PayPal account (or sign up for one), or simply type in their credit card information without a PayPal account. Either way members can quickly complete their transactions.

For in-office transactions, an email would be sent to a member for inputting credit card information directly into the PayPal website. No credit card information is given out over the telephone.

PayPal has been rated as one of the best secured sites for credit card transactions by companies who have used their website over several years.   Tens of thousands of nonprofits are using PayPal today for online business. LCUSA is pleased to offer this type of service to its membership.

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